"The first time I came home from a sound bath I said to my husband...'heaven on earth really does exist and who the heck would thought it was in Grande Prairie!' "

Milissa Rush

"Today's sound bath made a very positive impact in my level of personal happiness. I went in feeling all " in knots" over personal worries and stressors, and came out relaxed and happy. I know my week ahead will be much better because of my choice to do some self care and treat myself to a sound bath! Thank you Daisy!"

Janet Smith

" I was HARMONIZED and Fine Tuned!!" LOVED the session! WOW! I could live in your beautiful SOUND DOME full-time! I will definitely be back and I highly recommend a session!"
Lorinne Balsdon

" I had the wonderful experience of a Sound Therapy session last week and I still think I am feeling the positive effects of it! It was amazing, so relaxing, calming, mind clearing and stress-free.  And such a unique experience.  Thank you Daisy for bringing this in to our lives!"
Barb Lojczyc

" Entering the dome is like stepping into peace and tranquility and this feeling remained with me throughout the session. The music, breath work and experiencing the power of the bowls all transported me into a space of  love. Daisy you have a special gift. Thank you for sharing it with us and hope you keep using it."
Calgary, Alberta

" Wondering when your next session is? I just have to go to another. I left feeling so inspired and uplifted and happy with myself and had such a good week. Now I feel in a slump again and need a bit of a boost :)."
Madison Agrey

" I thought I should message you to let you know how good I feel from since the sound bath.
I am feeling so much more relaxed on the inside than I have been for years. It's given me a calmness I may even say I have never felt before. Much more balanced. I also am feeling better physically. My body feels like its healing in ways I never felt it could. Which is a nice feeling. Old injury pain is much more minimal and I feel the discomfort in the muscles in those areas is lessening.
Even professionally I feel I can focus again. Which I might say was my biggest hurdle. It's a huge symptom from the Burn Out I went through."
Tiffany Gallivan

" I thought I'd just touch base about the group sound bath last night. 
It was very nice. I came away feeling lighter, happier, full of "energy"? The happier part is impressive as that is not generally how I feel. I slept really well, quite hard or deep, don't think I moved all night and was woken up by my alarm this morning which is quite something as I usually am awake for an hour or hour & a half before my alarm goes off.  I would love to try the longer sound bath with the breath work sometime.  The whole experience was quite restful/energizing if that makes any sense - much like the savasana at the end of yoga.
Thank you for the wonderful experience."
Shauna Vogel

" Thank you Daisy, Rave reviews... staff loved it.  All experiencing such different elements from it. They all seem sort of goofy today... which is fun.  Life can be too serious sometimes. We truly appreciate your gift. "
Christie, manager Health Hut


"Daisy and Ground with Sound came out to our symposium in 2015 and provided everyone with the opportunity to experience the healing possibilities of sound. It was an incredible experience. If you’re in a place where you feel like nothing is working, Sound Therapy is worth a try!  Thank you" 
War Horse Awareness Foundation -  Deanna Lennox

" The Sound Dome is a beautifully unique building that you really have to see in person to fully experience.  The acoustics are amazing - the sound seems to go right inside of your head and body causing you to experience the sound with more than just your ears.... a very cool experience.   Daisy's sound session was deeply relaxing and I felt rested and rejuvenated after the session.  I appreciated Daisy's friendly, professional and caring approach.  I would highly recommend this experience to others who would like some time to de-stress and slow down.  You really need to check out this one of a kind facility in the Peace Country."
Wanda Dechant

" Thank you for providing such a powerful, safe place to heal, grow, evolve and love.  What a beautiful space you have consciously created to benefit the All.  Namasti!"
Tanis McRae

" Daisy has created an incredible space for Sound Therapy.  Daisy is a wonderful, kind woman who safely takes you through a sound meditation.  Her easy, non-judgmental manner bathes you in love and acceptance"
Candace McKim

" I had the pleasure of experiencing a sound bath/treatment with Daisy.  I love the Dome - Felt like slipping into another world!  Totally enjoyed the variety of sounds Daisy blended and the extra attention she spent to ensure I received maximum benefit, I left feeling completely relaxed.  Definitely recommend it and look forward to my next session."
Lori Pollock

" Daisy has  found her true gift, she is a natural, and a believer herself that you are automatically at ease.  The Dome is an ideal setting for such an experience, and feels like you are stepping  into a new world of endless boundaries.  I felt so refreshed afterwards, I seen the day with a new appreciation - the sounds were more intense, the sun shone brighter, almost  like my soul had been released from all the burdens.  I don't know of any other way to experience this feeling.  A marvelous unique experience.  Daisy has the perfect music and words that are inspirational and so powerful, everyone should try at least once."
Elaine Cissel

" Recently attended a "sound bath" with Ground with Sound.  What an amazing and peaceful experience.  I feel so refreshed and in harmony with my deepest inner sense of peace.  Daisy creates an amazing sound chamber resonating with a truly unique ambiance, and her individual and sensitive care of each client personalizes the experience.  I can't wait to go back for my next visit!"
Janina Carlstad

" Daisy holds such a beautiful unlimited space where I feel I can safely expand as far as I can and always be happy to return.  The sound dome is a magical treat I hope to receive again!"
Amy Koziel

" Take a peaceful healing break in your life and come to this oasis"
Janet Littleton

" Sound Therapy is a relaxing, nurturing treatment that cleanses your soul through breath work and a multitude of auditory experiences.  I highly recommend it."
Elisa Janusz-Hartman

"Thank you Daisy Harpe for another relaxing 90 minutes. I love these sound baths you do, my daughter was saying she hasn't been able to relax and shut the mind down during any meditation, but tonight she was able to. She loved it and we both can't wait till next time. She is bipolar."

Val Lynn

" The Sound Session along with the rhythmic and deep breathing helped quiet my mind and awaken my body to allow me to experience a deep peaceful relaxation.  This is a great method to de-stress and rejuvenate."
Glenn Bielech

" I had the unique opportunity to experience a Sound Bath with Daisy Harpe in her beautiful Sound Dome.  She has such compassion and is so gifted.  I felt so safe and relaxed during my session. Daisy's singing bowls and other instruments made my experience one of a kind.  I left feeling calm and energized all at once.  I love that Daisy followed up the next day with me as well! Thank you Daisy so much and I will definitely be back!"
Dawn Penson

" Today and forever I am great-full for Daisy's Hut.It was my first day of New beginnings, New friends, New love...., New life....,Thank you Daisy"
Annette Gillis

" My first experience with Daisy in her amazing Sound Dome.  Daisy is a loving, caring expression of Divine Energy.  So enjoyed the gift of relaxation and renewal.  Love to you."
Leanne VanWagner

" I recently experienced a sound healing session with Daisy and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a gifted and compassionate healer. Daisy was great at giving me a different perspective with a current issue I was experiencing. I loved the variety of tools and techniques she used during the healing session and I had a powerful experience. At the end of the session I had more clarity and felt very joyful!!"
Pamela Shelly

" It's a feeling that is very hard to describe and actually makes me speechless at first.  It's a calm, refreshed, clean feeling.  Like a massage from the inside out."
Cindy Michalko